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February 12, 2020

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Vila Australia is an Australian business located on the Gold Coast which imports shoes manufactured in Spain.

We are committed to promoting high quality children’s shoes. To us, high quality means shoes of traditional craftsmanship, made with soft natural materials, and durable. Our shoes have been manufactured with respect of the environment and the universal rights of workers. To complete the picture, we believe that children’s shoes need to be comfortable and irresistibly cute.

We market our own brand of specially handmade girls sandals, timeless in their style and elegance. We also hold the Australian distribution rights for two international shoe labels, Cienta cotton casual shoes for children and women's plimsolls and Igor jellies.

Cienta is an international brand of affordable quality shoes made in Spain since 1982.

Igor is an international brand of fashionable premium jellies made in Spain since 1974.

All are perfect for the Australian climate, all year round.

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Igor jellies

We are excited to expand the ViLa online offer to Igor!

Since 1974, Igor, has been specialising in producing high-quality sandals and jelly shoes for women and kids. Igor combines generations worth of expertise in shoe-making, with a design team in-tune with the latest trends in fashion to bring you an end product which is as stylish as it is practical. Igor prides itself in the uniqueness and quality of its 100% European-made products.

The shoes are made of high quality recyclable PVC. Some models (Maui, Tenis, Bondi, Star) have a cushioned removable foot bed in soft EVA for extra comfort and great foot support. They are stylish, practical, modern, odour resistant, non marking, and vegan friendly. Easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

They are REACH compliant (non-toxic PVC). REACH is a strict European regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals for a safe use of chemicals in the environment. 

Igor likes fashion, loves colors, and it really really likes water! Whether you plan on spending the day at the beach, around the pool or jumping in puddles, Igor offers something for every occasion.

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