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About ViLa

The avarca or menorquina sandal is the traditional footwear of the island of Menorca, Spain. It originated in the Menorcan countryside and in time became fashionable and exported worldwide. ViLa Australia are fortunate enough to have secured a working relationship with these traditional shoemakers. The sandals continue to be made in this beautiful idyllic environment and the artisanship is reflected in the quality of the product. vila sandal islandThe contemporary prints and designs of the sandals today can be spotted along the streets of the world's fashion capitals. Some sandals have evolved in their style, though the most popular style remains the avarca which is perfect for the Australian climate.

The ViLa sandals are made by the most
reputable and well-known manufacturer of avarcas. The production site is spotless and uses the latest technology combined with experienced manual artisanship. Only the finest leathers from Italy and Spain are used to craft this shoe. The production process is environmentally friendly and the workers are passionate about their work.

Vila chooses materials, patterns, and colours from a vast array of choices and then sandals are custom hand made according to our specifications.vila-inspection
Use of quality materials, leather and colour customisation makes this sandal unique but also more expensive than its mass-produced competitors. The sandals are then shipped by air freight to Australia and delivered to our customers. 

The production process is very much a manual process. It begins with the instep and strap making: (1) The instep and strap 
leathers are cut, following a specific pattern. (2) The leather is divided and lowered to obtain a finer result. (3) The leather of the instep is lined and assembled. (4) A reinforcement is placed at the strap's interior. (5) Instep and strap are assembled or sewed to the insole. (6) The sole is cut following the patterns and glued to the previously assembled sewed insole. (7) A form is then placed inside the shoe. It goes through an oven to eliminate possible lines of the leather. (8) After this procedure the sandal is cleaned and goes through quality control and (9) packed and labelled (10). It is finally placed into a box and shipped to Australia for you to enjoy!





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